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What People Say

"I liked the mix of printed background info and references with practical experience of how to apply. Also helpful to hear how to use information for a variety of ages instead of for a specific target group."

Learning Brain Expo   

"Thank you! Your real life examples puts your great ideas into perspective us!"

Learning Brain Expo   

"Exceptional presentation. Outstanding ability to engage and inspire. Thank you, Martha!"

Learning Brain Expo   

"An extremely interesting presenter and presentation. I loved how it was interwoven in both theoretical and practical work. Super 2 days, thank you!"

Calgary Regional Consortium   

"In the current climate of increased testing and accountability, as the way to supposedly improve our schools, Teachers, Change Your Bait! is a breath of fresh air. I heartily recommend this book to any teacher who is serious about leaving no child behind!"

David Lazear, President   
David Lazear Group, Inc.   
-best selling author, consultant and trainer in applied multiple intelligences   

"What a joy to find a book that provides essential information in such a warm and engaging manner. Martha has a sense of humor and she uses it to convey her passion to make sure the learning style of every child is understood and respected through brain-compatible learning. Martha gets it right when she says, "If you want 'no child left behind,' then use various strategies to bring all children along." This is a must-read for everyone who cares about children and education."

Jane Nelsen, EdD, author and coauthor of the Positive Discipline series   

"Martha Kaufeldt has set out to help teachers reinforce "learning" in a multitude of ways that will undoubtedly ensure that future children will be far more competent because true education is about drawing out from within. The suggestions for teachers within the book are great guidelines for teachers who feel stuck in a system where they want to create change and can do so by having the courage to change the way they teach material. This is a book for educators who are committed, responsible and courageous. It is a book for those teachers who wish to maximize "brain/mind" understanding, as well as the eight intelligences into a format that will maximize the potential of learners."

Kathleen Ginn   
Co-creator of Rapid Sensory Learning & Conscious Creation   

"Teachers, Change Your Bait! is a text grounded in the realities of classroom life. It is a thorough yet digestible mix of brain research, learning theory, and psychological principles with specific strategies and activities that enhance teachers' ability to differentiate teaching and learning in their classrooms. Particularly noteworthy is how each chapter concludes with Tackle Box Ideas which summarize the guiding principles that open each chapter. Martha's relatable "teacher-down-the-hall" style drew me into a conversation about learning that both validated and challenged my educational beliefs and practices. This book, in its entirety or by individual chapters, would make an excellent professional development focus on differentiation. Bravo, Martha, for placing a truly valuable tool in the hands of educators!"

Mark Reardon, coauthor of Strategies for Great Teaching, the HotTips series, and Quantum Teaching   

"This book is filled with best-practice ideas and examples for meeting the instructional needs of students at all ability and grade levels. It includes practical ways to vary the six key components of differentiation: physical and social environment, content and its presentation, processing for learning, and the products to demonstrate learning. It also includes strategies to engage reluctant learners, techniques for second-language learners, and complex tasks to inspire high-potential students. A very useful book to have at hand in the beginning of a new school year."

New Horizons for Learning Online Journal, Fall 2005   

"I am extremely grateful to Martha for her willingness to share her considerable wisdom, and I admire her skill in creating a book that is fun and easy to use. Following her guidance has made a world of difference in my classroom."

Shane Sparks, intermediate teacher   
Tierra Pacific Charter School   
Santa Cruz, California   

"Martha was great today. I have never been to a conference that was as much fun and enjoyable to be at."

Northwest Regional Learning Consortium   

"One of the most useful and relevant workshops I've ever attended. I honestly feel I could go back and use much of this. Terrific content and activities!"

Northwest Regional Learning Consortium   

"Excellent speaker - very practical information and the presenter models what she teaches and believes in. Bring Martha back again! "

Lee County, NC   

"The book (Begin with the Brain, is a real treasury of ideas from an exprienced teacher long familiar with brain-based learning. It's one of the best."

Wayne Jennings   
Brain-based Education Network - ASCD   

Powerful Professional Development

Martha Kaufeldt is a popular presenter and keynote speaker on Differentiating Instruction and Brain Compatible Teaching. If you're interested in having Martha speak at your event, or if you'd like to schedule one of her many workshops.



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