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For two decades Martha Kaufeldt has been a popular international workshop presenter, staff development specialist and keynote speaker. Her audiences always comment on her ability to:

  • Synthesize complex neuroscience research and educational mandates into practical "do-able" classroom applications.
  • "Walk her talk" as she conducts sessions that model the very strategies she is encouraging teachers to implement in their own classrooms.
  • Use personal anecdotal stories and her incredible classroom experiences to illustrate the challenges that all teachers face.
  • Include laughter, visuals, movement and collaboration into every presentation so that her participants feel energized and motivated to try the strategies themselves.

Martha speaks at major conferences such as ASCD, National Association for the Gifted, Learning and the Brain, Learning Forward (NSDC), National Association of Elementary Principals, National Middle School Administrators, and at a variety of state and regional conferences. Below you will find descriptions of many of her most popular sessions for educators and parents. Customized trainings are also available. Contact Martha directly to explore the possibilities.


Brain Research into Practice

Martha has been an avid student of recent brain research and how it should influence classroom practice. Referred to as Brain-Compatible Teaching and Learning, educators can now understand why many "best practices" work so well. Martha's sessions give a solid background in neuroscience without being too technical. Then she demonstrates the strategies that work so well when you keep the brain in mind.

Especially for Parents

Martha is a popular presenter for parent and community groups. When presenting for school districts, Martha is often recruited to do an evening session for parents. Her workshops can be customized for particular audiences such as parents of GATE students, Second Language Learners, Struggling Students or Over-Scheduled Kids! See a list of Martha's Especially for Parents presentations.

Gifted & Talented Education (GATE)

With her background as a district level GATE coordinator, Martha understands the need to differentiate curriculum and strategies for gifted and talented learners. Specific workshops address this topic.

Differentiatied Instruction
Learn new ways to orchestrate powerful learning experiences in response to every student's unique needs. Martha's years of experience in the classroom are evident as she demonstrates practical strategies for differentiating instruction. Check out some of these popular sessions.

For Differentiated Instruction to work successfully in the classroom, teachers must know how to assess students' readiness, progress and mastery. Quick and informal strategies must be used on a daily basis to inform instructional practices. Martha shares practical ideas in a mini-session or one-day format.

Curriculum Design

In the 1980's Martha was first recognized as a leader in designing integrated thematic curriculum design. Her workshops on planning yearlong real-world themes for self-contained classrooms or designing Interdisciplinary "Theme Teams" at the middle and high school have been popular for 20 years. Martha's practical approach to how teachers can integrate Standards into a thematic plan can make the curriculum come alive! Review Martha's Curriculum Design workshops.

Learning Environments

Learn new ways to orchestrate powerful learning experiences in response to every student's unique needs. In this fast-paced engaging session participants will learn techniques to vary six components of differentiation: content, process, products, presentation, grouping, and the environment. Expand your repertoire of brain compatible strategies to maximize student success! See which workshop fits your needs.

Powerful Professional Development

Martha Kaufeldt is a popular presenter and keynote speaker on Differentiating Instruction and Brain Compatible Teaching. If you're interested in having Martha speak at your event, or if you'd like to schedule one of her many workshops.



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