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Begin with the Brain - Book - 2nd edition


The Motivated Brain: Improving Student Attention, Engagement and Perseverance

Think Big, Start Small! How to Differentiate in a Brain-Friendly Classroom

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Learning Environments

HELP! Six Lifesaving Strategies to Avoid Chaos in the Differentiated Classroom

Do you feel like you are often struggling to keep your head above water? Orchestrating differentiated instruction can easily become a huge management dilemma. Don't feel overwhelmed! Learn practical strategies that can provide a safe, secure and consistent brain compatible climate.

- Post agendas to empower students
- Design multiple procedures to guide student expectations and behaviors
- Limit and guide Choice activities
- Create a system of Must Do & May Do tasks to assure participation
- Maintain on-going Anchor Activities
- Encourage Student Self-Assessments using rubrics and other tools for feedback.

Recommended for K-12

Not-too-Extreme Classroom Makeovers
(Keeping the Brain in Mind)

Want to motivate and inspire students? Try a fresh start with a mini-Classroom Makeover!

The human brain is wired to be sensitive to the surrounding environment. Many studies have confirmed that by paying attention to the physical details in the learning environment (lighting, temperature, color, air quality, sound, design), educators can enhance students' success.

- Discover key elements for a brain and body compatible learning environment.
- Learn 5 ways to deal with fluorescent lights.
- Create a "Take 5 Area".
- Learn ways to reduce noise and distractions.
- Provide some "Creature Comforts," and take baby steps toward "Clutter Clean-up!"

Recommended for K-8