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Begin with the Brain - Book - 2nd edition


The Motivated Brain: Improving Student Attention, Engagement and Perseverance

Think Big, Start Small! How to Differentiate in a Brain-Friendly Classroom

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Differentiated Instructions

Begin with the Brain
Three Things to Consider Right Now!

Want some ideas for what you can do RIGHT NOW? You don't have to be a brain expert yet to see how these practical suggestions can influence student learning. Learn three ways to maximize student success based on how the brain learns naturally!

1) TIME CRUNCH - Consider integrated curriculum, adjusting schedules to allow for "flow," and multi-year opportunities.
2) PATTERNS and PROCEDURES - Use management strategies that are brain compatible: agendas, procedures, goal setting.
3) ACTIVE PROCESSING - Introduce reflection, choices and collaboration to encourage students to make sense of what they are learning and build long-term retention.

Target Audience: ANY EDUCATOR! Recommended for K-12

Download complete description (.pdf, 600k)

Change Your Bait!
(Eight) 8 Great Strategies to HOOK every Learner

Build up your tackle box of strategies that will appeal to a wide range of learners. Learn a practical system using the Multiple Intelligences and Bloom's Taxonomy to help you design eight types of activities that will challenge your capable students and attract even your most reluctant learners.

- Process Partners (Interpersonal)
- Mental Movies (Intrapersonal)
- Note-taking Graphics (Visual-Spatial)
- Tableaux & Living Dioramas (Bodily-Kinesthetic)
- Chant & Rap (Musical-Rhythmic)
- T-Charts & Timelines (Logical-Mathematical)
- Correspondence Books (Verbal/Linguistic)
- Close-up & Personal (Naturalist)

Download complete description (.pdf, 1.3MB)

Recommended for K-12

Concept in a Day! Immersion Learning for Mastery
Planning Multiplication Weeks and Division Days

When the learning environment is brain-compatible, something as "hard" as long division can be mastered in a single day. Hard to believe? Over 20 years ago presenter, and brain research expert, Martha Kaufeldt developed this "Concept in a Day!" program to help her fourth and fifth grade students finally master the concept and computation of Long Division. The success of the immersion day prompted her and her colleagues to also develop "Multiplication Weeks" for third grade students to master the Family of Math Facts.

Using Brain-Compatible strategies, hundreds of teachers have found the "Concept in a Day" approach to be an excellent way to help students have the "AHA!" moment and finally get difficult concepts. Fraction Days, Punctuation Days, Spelling Demons Days, Money Days - the possibilities are endless! With years of experiences and examples, let Martha give you practical ideas for organizing your own Concept Day or Week and help your students have a "breakthrough moment" in their learning that will be truly unforgettable.

Recommended Target Audience: Teachers Grades 2 - 6. Appropriate for all.

The "Concept in a Day: I Can Divide & Conquer" video won the Gold Apple Award as one of the Best Teacher Training films in the US in 1987. You can purchase the video and manual from our online store.

HELP! Six Lifesaving Strategies to Avoid Chaos in the Differentiated Classroom

Do you feel like you are often struggling to keep your head above water? Orchestrating differentiated instruction can easily become a huge management dilemma. Don't feel overwhelmed! Learn practical strategies that can provide a safe, secure and consistent brain compatible climate.

- Post agendas to empower students
- Design multiple procedures to guide student expectations and behaviors
- Limit and guide Choice activities
- Create a system of Must Do & May Do tasks to assure participation
- Maintain on-going Anchor Activities
- Encourage Student Self-Assessments using rubrics and other tools for feedback.

Recommended for K-12

Maximizing Student Success
Brain Compatible Differentiated Instruction

Learn new ways to orchestrate powerful learning experiences in response to every student's unique needs. In this fast-paced engaging session participants will learn techniques to vary the six key components of differentiation: content, process, products, presentation, grouping, and environment. Expand your repertoire of brain compatible strategies to maximize student success!

Recommended for K-12

Teachers, Change Your Bait!
Brain-Compatible Differentiated Instruction

This powerful engaging workshop begins with recent research on the brain's response to stress, emotions, experiences, and the environment. Discover how each learner's brain develops at its own pace and is uniquely formed. Students' brains learn differently, therefore, teachers must know how to differentiate instruction in today's highly diverse classrooms. Using a Fishing Tackle Box as a metaphor for an educator's repertoire of strategies, Martha will share dozens of classroom-tested practical ideas that will inspire teachers on ways to modify the curriculum and their instructional strategies - without compromising mastery of standards. Learn new ways to orchestrate powerful learning experiences in response to every student's unique needs. In this fast-paced engaging session participants will learn techniques to vary six components of differentiation: content, process, products, presentation, grouping, and the environment. Expand your repertoire of brain compatible strategies to maximize student success!

Download complete description (.pdf, 1.3MB)

Available as a 1 day to 4-day workshop.
Can be customized for Target Audiences!

"An extremely interesting presenter and presentation. I loved how it was interwoven in both theoretical and practical work. Super two days, thank you!"

"I was inspired and found the 2 days to be the best Professional Development I have ever experienced."

"A very stimulating and enjoyable session. It was a good mix of background knowledge and practical ideas. Martha practices what she preaches."

Thinking Sideways!
Differentiating and Stretching Curriculum Content to Challenge Gifted Students in Secondary Classrooms

Lateral Enrichment and Expansion can encourage gifted students to build their understanding in complexity and application opportunities. Acceleration isn't always the best option. Learn new strategies for differentiating the content of the curriculum through Tiered Assignments, Layered Curriculum Design and Compacted Contracts.

Target audience: Single-subject secondary classroom teachers

To Infinity and Beyond!
Differentiating Curriculum Content for Gifted and High-Achieving Elementary Students

Learn a variety of ways to adjust and differentiate the content of curriculum to stimulate and enrich the brightest students in your class. Get new ideas about practical strategies such as Jig-Sawing and Cluster Grouping. To help students expand their understanding, learn more advanced versions of Tiered Curriculum design, Layered Curriculum and Compacted Curriculum.

Target audience: Self-contained elementary classroom teachers K-6