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For two decades Martha Kaufeldt has been a popular international workshop presenter, staff development specialist and keynote speaker. Her audiences always comment on her ability to:

  • Synthesize complex neuroscience research and educational mandates into practical "do-able" classroom applications.
  • "Walk her talk" as she conducts sessions that model the very strategies she is encouraging teachers to implement in their own classrooms.
  • Use personal anecdotal stories and her incredible classroom experiences to illustrate the challenges that all teachers face.
  • Include laughter, visuals, movement and collaboration into every presentation so that her participants feel energized and motivated to try the strategies themselves.

Martha speaks at major conferences such as ASCD, National Association for the Gifted, Learning and the Brain, Learning Forward (NSDC), National Association of Elementary Principals, National Middle School Administrators, and at a variety of state and regional conferences. Below you will find descriptions of many of her most popular sessions for educators and parents. Customized trainings are also available. Contact Martha directly to explore the possibilities.


Begin with the Brain
Three Things to Consider Right Now!

Want some ideas for what you can do RIGHT NOW? You don't have to be a brain expert yet to see how these practical suggestions can influence student learning. Learn three ways to maximize student success based on how the brain learns naturally!

1) TIME CRUNCH - Consider integrated curriculum, adjusting schedules to allow for "flow," and multi-year opportunities.
2) PATTERNS and PROCEDURES - Use management strategies that are brain compatible: agendas, procedures, goal setting.
3) ACTIVE PROCESSING - Introduce reflection, choices and collaboration to encourage students to make sense of what they are learning and build long-term retention.

Target Audience: ANY EDUCATOR! Recommended for K-12

Download complete description (.pdf, 600k)

Begin with the Brain
What Parents Need to Know

Learn some "brain basics" about how children's brains learn, growth and respond to the environment. Find out what you can do to reduce your child's stress levels and encourage development of a variety of learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Download complete description (.pdf, 600k)

Change Your Bait!
(Eight) 8 Great Strategies to HOOK every Learner

Build up your tackle box of strategies that will appeal to a wide range of learners. Learn a practical system using the Multiple Intelligences and Bloom's Taxonomy to help you design eight types of activities that will challenge your capable students and attract even your most reluctant learners.

- Process Partners (Interpersonal)
- Mental Movies (Intrapersonal)
- Note-taking Graphics (Visual-Spatial)
- Tableaux & Living Dioramas (Bodily-Kinesthetic)
- Chant & Rap (Musical-Rhythmic)
- T-Charts & Timelines (Logical-Mathematical)
- Correspondence Books (Verbal/Linguistic)
- Close-up & Personal (Naturalist)

Download complete description (.pdf, 1.3MB)

Recommended for K-12

What's Going On in There?
How Emotions, Pressure, Stress, and High Expectations Affect Kids' Brains

Research has confirmed that too much stress, pressure, and perceived threat can cause our brains to go into a "reflex response" and minimize our capabilities to learn and get along with others. Learn some ways to help balance pressure and stress in your child's life as he/she deals with school, friends, and daily life experiences.

Target audience:
Parents of:
- Highly motivated learners
- Identified Gifted learners
- High-Achieving Gifted students
- Low-Achieving Gifted students
- Extremely Sensitive children
- Over-Scheduled Kids

Powerful Professional Development

Martha Kaufeldt is a popular presenter and keynote speaker on Differentiating Instruction and Brain Compatible Teaching. If you're interested in having Martha speak at your event, or if you'd like to schedule one of her many workshops.



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