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Martha Kaufeldt brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her motivational and dynamic workshops and keynotes. She is a full-time trainer and consultant with an extensive background in brain-compatible teaching and learning. She has taught at all grade levels, served as a district level gifted coordinator and staff developer, and most recently was the Lead Teacher and restructuring coordinator of a demonstration "brain-compatible" school. Martha is also a master at designing integrated, meaningful curriculum.

She began her passion for understanding brain research and classroom applications in 1984 as a lead trainer for the Kovalik ITI model. She is the creator of the "Concept in a Day" (book & video) program that demonstrates how educators can maximize learning using a brain-compatible immersion strategy.

Her best-selling book, "Begin with the Brain: Orchestrating the Learner-Centered Classroom" 2nd edition gives concrete classroom application strategies on how to implement the theories. Martha's audiences appreciate her personable humorous style and she is often recruited to present the introduction of brain-compatible learning concepts and the practical applications for educators.


Martha is a popular trainer and keynoter for individual schools, districts, institutes, as well as international educational conferences (see her schedule here). She presents motivational presentations and dynamic workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada that address the fundamentals of Brain Compatible Learning, Differentiated Instruction and Integrated Curriculum for all grade levels. Martha's unique experiences and extensive teaching background have provided her with many examples and suggestions for teachers who are ready to hear about the incredible possibilities that await their students. Her particular strengths address practical Brain Compatible classroom strategies that teachers can implement immediately. In addition, she has coached dozens of elementary schools that are considering implementing multi-age programs and middle and high schools that are developing interdisciplinary teams and alternative schedules.

With a Masters Degree in Human Behavior, Martha is often recruited by Districts and schools to assist with team building, shared decision-making, and curriculum planning. Numbers of schools and teachers have benefited from her brain-compatible coaching style and friendly facilitation techniques.


Martha Kaufeldt began her teaching career in 1977. For ten years she taught a variety of grade levels in elementary school, and language arts programs in junior high and high school. She began her research of brain compatible teaching and learning strategies while working with several school districts to develop gifted, talented, and extended-learning programs.

In 1985, Martha designed and implemented a "Concept-in-a-Day" program to teach the concept of Long Division in a single day. This exciting program was originally based on the Kovalik model of Integrated Thematic Instruction. The award-winning video and resource book documenting the program are used by teachers internationally.

In 1988, as a staff development planner, Martha co-designed a grant proposal to the David & Lucile Packard Foundation that created a consortium of middle schools interested in restructuring based on brain-compatible models and integrated curriculum programs. Martha served as the Program Director, trainer and coach for the Bay Area Middle Schools Project. In the five years of its existence the project trained and coached over 300 teachers and administrators to use the strategies that can assist schools in beginning the difficult process of total restructuring. During the 1992-93 school year, Martha returned to the middle school classroom to get a "reality check." As a 7th grade Humanities Core teacher, Martha was able to work on an interdisciplinary teaching team implementing thematic curriculum, as well as being at a school beginning the restructuring process. As a new challenge Martha then worked for four years as the restructuring coordinator and the lead teacher at an alternative K-6 public elementary school in Santa Cruz, California. This demonstration program emphasizes brain compatible teaching strategies, thematic integrated curriculum, multiage classes, authentic assessment, parent participation and conflict resolution strategies.


Think BigMartha's latest book is co-authored with popular author and trainer, Gayle Gregory. "Think BIG, Start Small: How to Differentiate Instruction in a Brain-Friendly Classroom," (2012, Solution Tree) (link to the BWTB store page) is a clear, well-researched and practical guide for how educators can merge educational neuroscience into the art of differentiation. Gayle and Martha provide educators with the brain basics needed to create a classroom environment that enhances learning. Teachers will find tons of practical low-prep strategies to engage their diverse learners.

Teachers, Change Your Bait! book cover "Teacher's Change Your Bait! Brain-Compatible Differentiated Instruction," (2005, Crown House Press) provides teachers with an easy-to-use reference for meeting the instructional needs of all their students. A concise explanation of brain-compatible learning theory provides the rationale for why this will work and why teachers should apply these strategies right away! Everything you need to set up a successful differentiated classroom is here, from how to set up student profiles and establish groups to how to collect on-going feedback to document progress. You will find activities that engage reluctant learners, strategies that will help with "leaving no child behind," and complex tasks to inspire high-potential students. Differentiation can work in your classroom! Use the 'baby steps' listed in the last chapter to get started with orchestrating powerful learning experiences to meet every student's unique needs.

Martha's best-selling book, "Begin With the Brain: Orchestrating the Learner-Centered Classroom," 2nd edition (2010) is published by Corwin Press. This practical guide is for those who want to create a joyous and harmonious place for learning. These inclusive techniques will help make your students feel like part of the team with no-fuss ways to eliminate distractions that inhibit learning. Each chapter contains concrete easy-to-implement strategies for creating systems that take the brain into account.

Powerful Professional Development

Martha Kaufeldt is a popular presenter and keynote speaker on Differentiating Instruction and Brain Compatible Teaching. If you're interested in having Martha speak at your event, or if you'd like to schedule one of her many workshops.



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